March 30, 2009

Three Strikes... And You Get Cut

The hubs is a sweet, intelligent man. He can beautifully debate concepts and subjects us mortals cannot dream of comprehending. But the hubs, I do believe, has his foot firmly wedged in his piehole.

Exhibit A: We're getting dressed and I pull out a little capelet and slip it on. As I'm walking to the mirror, he says, "You look like you're about to ride a horse!".

I took it off and gave him Super Stink Eye.

Exhibit B: I finally finish stitching all the pieces of my very first sweater together, and run to his study so excitedly to show him my handiwork. I try it on and he announces, "You look so motherly!".

I stormed out of there fuming. He's so very close to having MY foot firmly wedged in another hole.


Kristina said...

Ah, yes. The eternal (and somewhat baffling) tactlessness of husbands. Fortunately, mine knows better (most of the time) than to tell me what he
s really thinking, but his face says it all. :)

Sweetfern Handmade

Aurelia said...

It's called a filter, dude. Use it.

Steven B said...

I love you... :)


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