March 26, 2016

New Old Photos

I was poking around my photographs on one of my memory cards and found a bunch of photographs I'd totally forgotten about. I don't think I've ever saved or processed them, so tada! They're from about two and a half years ago when we stopped by Brattleboro, VT on our way home from NH.

The photos make me miss autumn... my favouritest season of all. But spring is on its way with all the daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths popping up in our front yard :)

I realise it got a bit silent around here again... Looking after an infant doesn't give me too much time to do much of anything, let alone anything quilty or blogworthy. I have plans... but definitely am not in a hurry to get to them. I'm soaking up every minute of her and her meatball head (seriously, her cute head is like a delicious meatball lol), because soon this will all be a distant memory. She'll be four months old in a week... How'd that happen??


mascanlon said...

Yes soak it all up, it just flies by!


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