October 10, 2014

Hexagon Mat

Love this corner of my dining room :) I made a little hexagon mat to add to this prettiness because I decided that worrying about whether the orchid pot will leak onto my buffet was not fun. I don't know how it would leak when there are zero holes in the pot, but that's how my brain works. Worrying about the dumbest things ever. 

I took a measurement of the pot with my hand because I'm super precise, and I decided something around the length of my hand would be perfect. My hands are 6" long (one day I got bored and measured my hands and feet... FYI, the latter are 8.5" long), and that's what the hexagon mat ended up being. Math! 

All the fabrics and batting came from the scraps on or around my cutting table. That's how messy it is right now :) I cut little 60° triangles, sewed them together, slapped it on some batting and backing fabric, then bound it in some extra binding I had leftover from the wedding quilt. It took me less than an hour, even with hand sewing the binding. 

In an effort to keep the orchids alive, I place them in the little bay window in the library / study to get some indirect sunlight. I read somewhere that that's what they need, so I'm being a good orchid mummy.

Also, do you see the lovely autumnal leaves outside??? The birch trees are turning a beautiful yellow, and the other trees around our house are turning a gorgeous orangey red. Love this time of year :)


Nini said...

Nice mat! I would have done the same, no worries.

mascanlon said...

I love kind of quick, think about, do it projects! So satisfying especially when you feel like nothing else is getting done in the pile if projects and fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Your methods are just perfect (because that's how I work too!). And that buffet!!! We have a 60's Parker one and I'm always too scared to put flowers on it for this same reason, thanks for the idea :)

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Yes, yes, orchids need a bright place to bloom, you got that right! :) your hexie mat is so adorable, great math skills :)) but I don't get the leaking part. No holes, so to make sure you put fabric underneath which soaks up the water... And retains it :)))) Hope you will not have your worries come true. Ever!


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