October 9, 2014

After The Rain

I took a little stroll around the yard after it stopped raining the other day. I could've sworn these marigolds were dead, thanks to me, but here they are, all alive and blooming. How??? They were brown and crispy! 

I do know there's no coming back for the petunias... one of them actually dried up, tipped over and fell out of the pot. Ahem. 

I'm so glad I took a picture of these tall grass things because the hubs chopped them all down the very next day. All gone. Every single one of them. Sad times. Till next year, you tall zebra-looking things. 

And we've got quite a few spiders building webs all over the place. I lived in Australia, so naturally when I see a spider, I want to make it all kinds of dead. The hubs won't allow me, so they now live in the bushes around our house. Great. Awesome. Wonderful. 

But at least it's pretty when it rains!


Nini said...

Cool photos...but I agree about the spiders!


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