August 1, 2014

Randomness: The Verbal Diarrhea Edition

- Aren't these gladiolus in my front yard just ridiculously gorgeous? Things keep popping up in our yard that we have no idea are there... I continue to be amazed one year on! Good job, Nature! And the previous owners...

- The summer weather has been weird. Sometimes steaming hot and muggy, sometimes cool-ish but somewhat humid, and sometimes it's just so bloody hot you pray for sweet, sweet death. And no matter the weather, all I want to do is eat ice-cream or froyo. Which I've done a great job of not doing despite my reputation for having no self-control. But the struggle is real.

- Recent things I've shouted to the hubs from the shower include, "That wasn't me! It was the conditioner bottle!". Classy.

- I'm trying to figure out what to do with the Cotton + Steel fabrics because I need it in my house! On my bed, on my sofa, EVERYWHERE. Too damn good.

- But I did make one as a sample for work... pictures to come!

- 25 Husbands who must be stopped... They require patience and a sense of humour, don't they?

- We had something living in our backyard, and we think it's gone now. The hubs found parts of a bunny, and most of a bird, and then spotted the culprit one morning. He initially thought it was a fox (because he failed science apparently) but upon looking at pictures, I determined it to be a damn fisher cat. In other news, I'm never going outside again. I'll keep an eye on the baby bunnies and chipmunks from the safety of my house.

- I feel awful for these 11 doggies who ate bees (and I hope they're alright!) but I couldn't help but laugh hehe!

- I now have a blog post with 'diarrhea' in the title. I win everything.


Nini said...

Pretty flowers, but husband #22 is alright in my book!

Linda R said...

Love the Glads.......they are so pretty!! :-)

jeifner said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! And you do win Everything.

CitricSugar said...

I got kinda absorbed in the link to the weasel. I don't think it'll bother you but wear a hooded sweatshirt in the evenings and getting a preventative rabies shot would not be dismissed as crazy talk... They're really just giant ferrets. If you find a Cruella Deville-type, she'd probably take care of it for you - especially when you tell her she can get fur AND perfume.

The husbands thing... I think some women are just too picky about results after being vague with instructions. I have totally snuck non-essential items into my amazon cart of "teacher resources". Spaghetti guy either needs help or a huge high-five for sarcasm.


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