June 7, 2014

Polka Dot Tea Blogger Bundle

I was asked by the lovely Danielle of Polka Dot Tea Fabrics if I'd be willing to pick a bunch of fabric to make a blogger bundle. I love Danielle, so of course I said DUH. I mean, I should even be slightly insulted she bothered to ask hehe! 

And these are the 16 fabrics I chose for my fat sixteenths bundle!!! I can't wait to finally sit down and play with them... so many ideas but they're so lovely and precious that I want to make sure I use them wisely!

Let me tell you, they were not easy to pick! Everything in their shop is just gorgeous and I changed my mind about a dozen times before deciding on these beauties. And I'm so honoured that I'm the first blogger they've asked to pick a bundle! Whee! :)

So please visit the Polka Dot Tea Fabrics shop and get yourself a bundle... and check out their other gorgeous fabrics while you're there!


suemac said...

That is a very lovely bundle for sure.

CitricSugar said...

I love that even though the shop doesn't carry her fabrics, you have picked the 16 Denyse Schmidt-iest fabrics that they carry.

Beautifully curated bunch.


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