June 5, 2014

I Planted Stuff

I planted stuff. Yup, I'll wait here while you buy your lottery tickets.

The other night at 8pm, it started to drizzle rain and I thought that would be the perfect time to go plant my flowers. I've now cemented my standing as the neighbourhood crazy person.

I've never grown petunias so tada! Petunias! I'll be honest... These puppies came home with me because of their colour. They're called lemon zest yellow or something like that. A lady at the nursery stopped me to tell me that she loved the colour. I told her my house was white and I had black shutters, and my porch was greyish, so yellow flowers would be great. She looked at me strangely, smiled nervously and shuffled away.

Anyway, the petunias were my choice because everything else was the wrong colour or needed full sun, and since these guys would be hanging out on the front porch where the sunshine is spotty, I needed something that'd be okay with partial. I just said a lot of things that've sent my mum and sisters into a coma.

Oh, I got marigolds too! They look weird and sad now because they're itty bitty but hopefully they'll fill out and be all sorts of lovely soon :)

See that tiny hole in the tree? That's where the nest is. The birdies were all chirping and bopping around... until I opened the front door and they all immediately froze like we were playing musical chairs.

I did my best with taking a picture of the baby birds but I'm too short to have a clear shot, and I don't want to get any closer because I really like not having my eyes pecked out of my head. See the bird eyeing me already??? He's all STAND BACK, WOMAN, and I intend to.

Fairly certain this isn't from the momma bird because it's about the same size as her babies, but it looked kind of pretty just sitting all by itself on my porch :)

Some of the irises we had pop up... there's white ones too but they've since gone a bit sad and droopy because I honestly hadn't realised we had irises at all till the other day hehe!

And this is one of a few bunnies who dwell in our yard. This one likes to come nice and close, and almost got run over when I was leaving my driveway the other day. Oh I see you giving me stink eye, my friend, but you don't want to argue with my tyres, capisce?

What have you guys planted in your gardens?


jeifner said...

Those petunias are beautiful! Lovely color. We switched things up and put petunias only in our window boxes this year. It'll be nice when they grow in a little. Out irises and poppies are just about done but the roses are gorgeous.

mascanlon said...

Such a lovely color combo....sounds like a quilt to me!


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