June 6, 2013

Life According To Instagram

Here's what's going on in my neck of the woods...

Lots of sewing and binding and then more sewing and more binding. I think I sew just to bind. Oh how I love binding. I could become a professional binder if there were such a thing. Did I just start a new business? I think I've had too much coffee...

- Pretty flowers :)

- My sister's friend's baby with the quilt I made. You may recognise it as Vertigo from Modern Baby! And also, HOW CUTE IS SHE?! Want to bite!

- Binding... so much stripey binding... Yum :) The hubs looked in the cookie jar thinking I'd baked him cookies... he was dismayed to find binding. Hah.

- Iced coffee. Which has been necessary this past week. First it was freezing cold, then it got boiling hot. New England weather. Yay. 

FOOD. My favourite. 
- My go-to salad of chicken sausage on sweet butter lettuce, zucchini and avocados. 

- We tried a sandwich place that had good reviews. Food was fantastic, service... not so much. 

- Bowl of cherries. Yes, please. 

- And just for fun, we had German pancakes for lunch over the weekend. (I always wondered if mine is more deflated because I use fat free milk. Anyone?)

And as always, there's cats. Izzy found a new box and made it her new BFF. Matilda is auditioning for the Broadway version of The Princess and the Pea. And also staring into space.


Phyllis said...

IG is fun! Am a follower of yours on IG too, love your pics & this quilt. And the binding, love that binding very much :-) !

Christine said...

Such happy pictures! I don't have a smart phone or anything to do Instagram on. I kind of want one now but only for IG. Your salad looks so good. I would love to know what you use for dressing.

Cindy said...

Great pics- thanks for sharing!:) I love your scrappy log cabin quilt- nice job!

Marla said...

Your cat has major toehawk action! I loves it!

Carla said...

Do you have a bolt of that binding fabric? It's wonderful.


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