March 29, 2013


This story made me full on bawl. I love my sisters more than life itself, and if I didn't have either of them in my life... well... I wouldn't know any better but I'd have missed out on a lot. A lot. 

These girls are potentially (but how could they NOT be?!?!) twins separated at birth and found each other by sheer luck. They started a Kickstarter to make a documentary about their story, to get DNA testing and finally meet in person. They've reached  their projected $30,000 (yay!) but the more they have, the more they can do. You can read their story on their Kickstarter too... make sure you have tissues handy!

I think this is just an amazing story. Could you imagine finding out you have a twin floating around somewhere out in the universe??? Not that the world needs another me, but that would be mind-blowing. 

[Via Cup of Jo]


mascanlon said...

Done, I just had too!

Anonymous said...

love your use of bright colors for your baby quilts. I am going to start using these wonderful colors in mine too!


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