March 4, 2013

Trippin' On Jellybeans

My lovely friend Thomas asked if I would play with some of his fabric and make a quilt out of his 'jellybeans'. Sure! I'd love to!

He sent over ten cuts of his jellybeans from his various collections and I sat with pen and paper and drove myself crazy. I had a zillion ideas and then immediately hated each one as soon as I'd finished the sketch. I'm obviously insane. But then I ditched all the crazy ideas and went traditional instead.

To that end, I give you Trippin' On Jellybeans! The hubs asked if it was a drug reference, and I would like to say that NO, it is not. Dorkus.

The trip around the world pattern is always something I've loved but have never done for some odd reason. I'm quite thrilled with how it turned out :) I tried my hand at that circular quilting thing and although it isn't perfect, I like how it looks on the quilt. I used a variegated thread I had that somehow had all the colours of the jellybeans on there.

It's quite dizzying to look at, isn't it?!

My quilts, if you haven't noticed by now, don't usually feature borders. But I thought this one needed something extra to frame the jellybeans. I'm not sure what colour this is, but I think it's Kona Crocus. And to break up all that purple, I slapped a bit of black and white stripe in the binding. A bit unexpected and adds a little pop of something :)

And because I'd run out of the blue / green jellybeans - I needed just one more!!! - I made a wee little patchwork square (it's 2.5" finished... the individual squares are 0.5") to make up the numbers. I so smart!

(Now you're going to scroll up to the first picture to see if you can spot it, aren't you? Heehee! I would!)

What would you have done with these cute jellybeans?

Anyway, Thomas has asked a handful of others to play along and you can visit their blogs here to see what they've done with his jellybeans.

Feb 25: Thomas Knauer
Feb 26: Allegory Lanham
Feb 27: Tracy Mooney
Feb 28: Sara Lawson
March 1: Rachael Gander
March 2: Rashida Coleman-Hale
March 3: Heide Mueller-Hatton
March 4: Audrie Bidwell
March 5: Kim Niedzwiecki

Apologies for the weird colours in the pictures. The light's been iffy because it's been raining and it's grey. I normally love grey, gloomy days, but it makes photographing quilts a pain in the rear.


Kristy said...

I love the tiny little patchwork square. It's like a cool little surprise among the fun jellybean fabric. You are a smarty. I probably would have just cried and given up when I figured out (mid project I'm sure) that I was one square short.

mjb said...

It's dizzyingly gorgeous! I love that you kept it so saturated, too!

Elsa said...

pretty colors and love the quilting!

Marla said...

I love love love this! Especially the patchwork square and the purple with the black and white and the beans and the name. So yeah, pretty much all of it.

Svetlana said...

ooooh, I love that tiny patchwork square, how very smart indeed. The whole quilt is beautiful, love the border, as well as a small touch of stripes in the binding.

Anna said...

Love the Jelly Beans! The colours are so vibrant! The quilting, but have been fun to keep track of!

CitricSugar said...

This looks fab, Audrie!! Brilliant quilting choice - and I love your teeny-tiny emergency block! It blends so well with the rest of the quilt… What fun fabric. I have no idea what I'd do with it. Good for you for going traditional and making it seem so fresh!

Heide said...

Looking at it sort of makes me feel like I might have a seizure. But in a good way. :) That came out so great, and I adore the circular quilting on it!

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Love your Trip Around the World! It is eye-popping in the Jelly Bean fabrics and the tiny pieced block is delightful! The itty bit of black and white stripe reminds me of piano keys......a good note to add to your quilt. ;-) If I had a bunch of these jelly beans, I know just the project I would make....a little something that I made years ago in traditional fabrics would be really fun if done in jelly beans!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Audrie you are awesome sauce

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love it!


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