September 2, 2012


- I'm shopping for my first pair of eye glasses and I never thought it'd be this bloody difficult. There's always something wrong with the shape or colour, and then when you find the perfect one, you turn to the side and see a giant Chanel emblem on the sides of your face. Or some weird plastic criss-cross pattern. Not cool, Chanel. And then the hubs has me try one on a Gold & Wood pair that was perfect in every way... except the price. $895 before lenses or tax. Umm... NO. At least I didn't fall in love with the $7,500 pair. And no, I didn't add an extra zero there.

- This was my fifth summer in the States and I still haven't had a smore. I cannot explain this except maybe that the hubs is sleeping on the job.

- My sisters are arriving in two weeks and I'm going so crazy with anticipation!! I just hope the weather cools down a bit more by the time they get here because we might've grown up in tropical weather but none of us are fond of heat.

- This little kitty is 5 today. I can't believe I managed to keep anything alive for 5 years. That sounds terrible.

- Also celebrating birthdays today are my cousin, Lavinia, and Keanu Reeves. But not together. Because that'd be weird. Awesome, but weird.

- I remember seriously stupid and useless information.

- I started another scrap vomit quilt. If the hubs behaves, I'll let him have it. (It's already for him but shhhhh...)

- The number of fabric collections that came out last month is astounding. I went with Chicopee and Bella... I'm contemplating Field Study. What collections are you guys currently obsessed with? (Like I need help finding out new collections...)


sarah said...

"Field Study" is AMAZING! Sarah Jane "Out to Sea" is sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

you should really have a smore, they are a summer staple! maybe even more so in the fall when we have bonfires more often.

Kelly O. said...

I buy my glasses online from Clearly Contacts... you can't lose! they're cheap, but quality and if you don't like'em you send them back--on their dime! I have 4 pairs so far... glasses are like bags to me--an accessory!

Unknown said...

Where in the world are you shopping for glasses? I've seen frames in the $200-$300 price range for sunglasses, but never for glasses.
I'm in love with Spoonflower at the moment...playing with designs to make my own quilt labels...isn't that just too lazy of me?

Anonymous said...

I also buy all my glasses online, so far from I have 4 pairs of glasses and three pairs of sunglasses, and alltogether they cost me under $100 (total). I'll never buy glasses from a brick and mortar again.

Anonymous said...

Audrie, this is my first comment on your blog, even though I've been following your for about 2.5 years now. Love your blog and work :-) Anyway. I hear you about glasses. I got my first pair of (reading) glasses 2 years ago, around my 31st birthday. My brother said I had cheated my way out of glasses for too long!

I'd say get an inexpensive and decent one for now (cause you need it), then search some more, and hopefully you'll find a great pair, at a great price. I'm wearing my lovely pair of Gold & Wood right now, which I scored at only $40!!! A lovely store that sells high end and unique frames at my local mall runs fantastic sales from time to time, and that's how I've gotten some great frames, at prices that you can't even find at places that only focus on low prices. I'm sure you'll find something great :-)

Jeanette said...

Honestly, this is the funniest blog I read. I don't have any advice for you, but thanks for the awesome blog and your quilts are amazing. I almost spit my coffee out when you mentioned the at (happy bday kitty).

Cindy said...

I know what you mean about glasses-what a pain. Seriously, how can they cost that much!! How exciting your sisters are coming to visit- hope you have a wonderful time and yes, hopefully the weather will cool down. Did you know you can make the smores in your micro? Takes the fun out of having the bonfire though. Happy birthday to your kitty!!:) Have a great day today!:)


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