September 23, 2012

Oh Hi. I've Been Busy...

My sisters have been here so the blog's been super quiet... my apologies. It's going to continue to be a bit quiet until they leave... apologies again. We've been having loads of fun, shopping and eating... and there's been lots of laughing. Lots. 

I didn't take my camera with me to Brooklyn, so here's some pictures from my iPhone...
- A girl at the train station who thinks she's Lady GaGa. I don't know how she walked around in those stupid shoes, but she managed just fine. I would've been flat on my face on the first step.

- We had dinner at Buttermilk Channel the evening I arrived and OMG it was SO good. Soooo good.

- Amended posters in the subway always make me laugh.

- Greenlight Bookstore... one of my favourites.

- Lunch at Bark Hot Dogs. We ordered way too much... and finished it all. Shame.

- Ice cream at Van Leeuwen. Nom nom nom.

- One evening we got super lazy after we got back to the apartment so we ordered pizzas from Speedy Romeo. Holy crap it was good. With a pizza named The Dick Dale, how could it not be?

- Chicken and waffles at Mike's Coffeeshop. So good.

And when we returned to CT, the eating didn't stop...

- Lunch at Pho Boston. Yummiest noodles ever.

- Rein's Deli... a necessary stop!

- PINKBERRY!!! I love this chocolate hazelnut flavour. Please let them have it always and forever.

- I roasted a thing of beef. It was delicious and my house smelled so lovely.

- We got our nails did.

- Found adult onesies at Target which I want my sister to buy because she insisted she wanted them.

- Encountered a lot of cuteness this morning at the farmer's market.

- And then had more Pinkberry. Because we could.


Cindy said...

It looks like you're eating well!:) It all looks delicious! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time- enjoy the rest of your time together! Have a great Sundsy!

mascanlon said...

Funny how family and food go so well together! Actually, lucky how family and food go together.....

kat129 said...

Sounds like a wundabar trip! As long as you are eating awesome things and laughing with sisters I think it is ok that your blog is quiet, no?
cheers! and keep eating pinkberry :-)

Sandra said...

Hope you're having just the best time with your sisters. I know how it is to be seperated from siblings. Have fun and don't worry about the blog; we'll all still be here...!!

Dania @ Always Dania said...

brooklyn looks like so much fun! my sister was in NY this past summer and would always stay in brooklyn! not to mention i loooove pinkberry!


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