September 29, 2012

Everyone, Meet Sleeve

The other day I accidentally referred to the hubs as 'Sleeve' instead of Steve. I'm old, it happens. So now I've taken to calling him Sleeve because it's just more fun. He doesn't get it, but that's no reason to stop.

So, the telephone conversation this afternoon...

*ring ring*
Me: "Hey Sleeve."
Him: "Uhhh wait, wait... gimme a minute... Okay. Oh hi FOUNDRY!"
Me: "Dude. Laundry is a more obvious choice."
Him: "Okay, okay! Start over! Hi Laundry!"
Me: "Hi Sleeve..."
Him: *chuckle*

He's lucky I like him.


Jan said...

cute story, and there're worse things to be called, for sure. (I just got a malware warning for your blog, from google.)

erica said...

Match made in heaven.

k said...

this makes me laugh :) you have a really cute blog!

CitricSugar said...

Hi-larious! Just the kind of shenanigans that I've missed while I was offline the last two months...

Anyway, now caught up. Loved your scrap vomit, and the baby quilt. I particularly loved that you chose the crosses because they moved to Denmark. It's a roundabout sort of logic that I admire. :-)

But seriously, Sleeve didn't know what Yorkshire pudding was? Is that a thing that only Commonwealth folk know?


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