August 15, 2012


The sad / shitty / not cool...

- I spilled coffee ALL OVER MY BLOODY DESK the other day and my keyboard got the brunt of it. It still works, but it's ridiculously sticky on the bottom left corner. I've cleaned it by spraying alcohol and it seemed to help but today it's gotten back to being sticky and annoying. Insert sad face. I don't want to have to get a new keyboard but I might have to. Plus all I smell is coffee when I type away... as if I'm not addicted to coffee enough.

- While trying on a dress in my closet today, I pulled something in my right shoulder taking it off. I'm officially old. Now doing anything hurts :( I'm hoping this doesn't last long because it sucks big hairy ones.

- This moron bought EQ7 and then realised I need a whole other programme so that it'll work on my Mac. Dammit. I've done a bit of research and it seems like Parallels and Virtual PC seem to pop up the most. HELP? Please? Any help would be VERY much appreciated. You will have my eternal love and gratitude.

The yay / awesomepants / very cool...

- I started a baby quilt for old friends who are having a baby! The mummy-to-be gave me free reign which is awesome but also meant that I went in a hundred different directions before coming to some sort of a final idea.

- My scrap vomit quilt is finished!! :) I'll take pictures soon. Pinkie swear.

- Aaaaand I finished another quilt (can you freaking believe it?!). Pictures to come too.


Unknown said...

My negative:
Someone hit a tree on our road which took out two power poles, shut down the whole street yesterday, and left us without power for six hours.
My positive:
My daughter's new book bag for school is done!

Grey Cat said...

Which operating system does your Mac have? Lion, Mountain Lion? Older?

If you have already made the leap to Mountain Lion, you'll need a patch to make Parallels function on your Mac, available at

The issue there is that you'll still need to purchase a Windows OS for the partition that Parallels creates. Actually, this is true for any software that would create a virtual Windows environment. That being said, I'd probably choose an option other than Parallels.

VMware Fusion is also a possibility for you, other than Virtual PC. I know that VMware Fusion absolutely requires an Intel Mac, and I wouldn't be surprised if your other two options require the same.

Honestly, rather than go through all of the cost of purchasing software that will create the virtual environment, as well as the Windows operating system, I'd see if I could return EQ7. It's an awful lot of investment to make for a single piece of software.

Quilt-Pro 5 is available for Macs, and is regularly $99.95, versus the regular price tag of $189.95 on EQ7:

Don't get me wrong - I love EQ7, but I'd hate to see this become an incredibly expensive investment for you. If you're truly dedicated to keeping EQ7, I'd suggest looking into purchasing a Netbook. You might be able to find one on clearance for about the same price of the software to make your Mac compatible with EQ7. Netbooks simply require that you install the software from a flash drive.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

I'd try virtual box -

It's a free windows emulator for macs, if it doesn't work look at VMware fusion or installing boot amp on your Mac. I'm assuming that you have an intel Mac, you will need to have a windows install disk to use virtual box/VMware fusion/bootcamp or parallels.

VMware usually has some nice education discounts for their software.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

you completely crack me up Audrie.

Averil said...

• Dad got fibre optic cable internet for the house, so now I can use his fast-speed wireless and stop paying for my own line in my room! Yay!

• I did not understand a single word of all the tech speak in the replies of your kind readers.

• Just found out the top-quality leather usually sourced from Fez is so supple because the leather tanners collect pigeon poop and use it to help break down and soften the skins. I now have to burn all my leather bags and boil myself to kill all the dirty, dirty bird germs!!!!!! >=(

Much love and pigeon poo,
Ave, your favourite younger sister.

gemma_c said...

You might want to try a programme called CrossOver - it is designed to make Windows programmes open up natively on the Mac. I think of it as practically magic. Not every programme works, but if you email the developers they are super helpful and may even sort something out specially for you (they did for my Dad for one programme he needed for his work). Even programmes they don't specifically support have worked out really well for me. It has a 30 day free trial, so you can install it and see if it works for you for free, and saves the hassle of installing a whole other operating system which is a total pain. I have used VMware Fusion and Virtual Box and both are a pain for graphics-intensive programmes unless you have silly amounts of RAM (I work with satellite imagery for my PhD, so I'm chained to my computer a lot!).

PS I've read your blog for ages and I love it!


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