August 13, 2012

Carnival Birthday

My niece Ava had her 5th birthday party over the weekend and despite the rain, it was loads of fun! She was running around all day, getting her face painted and tattoos on her arms and legs, having a great time. My friend Shauna made the cupcakes and little carnival cake for her, which she made cotton candy flavour! What?!?! That girl is too amazing for words.

Our friend Sean was the clown, Bonkers... I think dude missed his calling there! His balloon animals need a bit of work though... just saying. His wife's about to have a baby any second now and we were hoping she'd go into labour so he'd show up at the delivery room like that HAHAHAHA!!! How awesome and frightening would that be?!


Carla said...

THAT would have been hilarious! Happy day Ava.

Averil said...

Clowns are evil >=|


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