July 30, 2012

New York, New York

The hubs and I spent a couple of days in the city this past weekend and it was HUUUUUUMID. So muggy and gross, but the awesomeness of the city distracts you from that just a little. 

We took a train into the city and got the old, mucky trains again. I've been spoiled by the lovely new ones that these ones were like riding in rubbish bins. Blech.

Our hotel was near The City Quilter so it was one of our first stops! (More on this later!!)

192 Books... an amazing bookshop full of literature, art and cookbooks.

In our hotel room after ducking in for a shower to try to recover from the humidity.

As always... Num Pang was awesome! They always have new stuff on their menu, so I tried a catfish sandwich this time. Loooovely.

The hubs had a Brooklyn sausage one that was pretty damn good too.

A great pizza place called Co. and their pizzas were simple but so bloody good. Seriously.

And POP BURGER. OMG so cute! Look at how teeny and tiny they are! But don't be fooled... they're filled with meaty goodness. Noms.

My gelato looked like a bunny rabbit :)

Puzzled by Aztec superfood at Whole Foods. (Well, not puzzled anymore because a whole bunch of friends on Instagram gave us good ideas on how to ingest it.)

COFFEEEEEE... necessary for starting our day in NYC.

B&H Photo was shut all weekend :( Sadpants. But my bank account is a happy fellow haha!


New Salem Homestead said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am upstate NY and soooo love going to the city. I just don't get there enough! The City Quilter is also one of my favorite places. I am anxiously waiting for your post to see what you bought there.

CitricSugar said...

Your blog always makes me hungry.

amy smart said...

I agree with Citric Sugar. :)

Oh the awesomeness of New York (minus the humidity. gross) Food, fabric and sheer coolness. I'm glad you had fun.

Linda said...

Great minds think alike! I was in NYC this weekend too. Such a fun place to visit, isn't it! I'm just starting to blog about my adventures :) Your food pics are amazing! I'm a coward when it comes to photographing food though so no blogging about that for me. lol


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