July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Sisters!!!

It's my sisters' birthdays today!!! Woot woot!

They're 29. Seriously? They're still my babies. Tiny, little babies.

Dearest Averil & Aurelia,

I'm forever thankful that Mum and Dad made a little oopsies and ended up with you guys. Best oopsies EVARRR. Life would be boring without you. More sane, but boring. Also, my inheritance would be muuuuuch more significant. Just saying. I can't wait to see you guys in September! We're going to have SO much devious fun and drive Steve sooooo crazy. Awesome sauce on both counts. MUAK!

Love youse guys,
Your LBS*

* Little Big Sis


Carla said...

Happy Birthday to your sisters! They share a birthday with my son Jake. Have a great day today

Jopsy said...

Happy happy Day, I thought we were the only ojes who called ourselves LBS/BLS :)


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