June 27, 2012

Happy Flowers

I'll never tire of looking out my window or coming up the driveway to be greeted by that splash of pink. Of course it would be nicer if my windows weren't so filthy, but let's not nitpick. Just look at the pretty, pretty flowers.

I might have to make these flowers my permanent window box choice. I barely have to do anything to them... just the occasional watering and feed. That's my kind of gardening.

While I was snapping photos, I noticed weeds in the boxes at the farther end. It's quite amazing that I look at them every day and notice nothing, but the second I look through the lens, the weeds stuck out like a sore thumb.

The geraniums are on a bit of a break. The flowers have gone byebye but there's many, many buds about to bloom. At first I thought I'd killed it but then I realised if it was indeed dead, the leaves would've followed suit. I told you I'm terrible at this gardening business.

I'll spare you the tomato photos but be warned, when those tomatoes ripen, hold on to your hats.


mascanlon said...

Most geraniums are very hardy and the last ditch attempt for the gardener who struggles! And they are so cheerful!

Cindy said...

I agree- those pretty pink flowers are keepers!!:)


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