May 22, 2012

Gardening... Is Not My Forte

I was feeling loads better so I went to get plants for our window boxes and the little planter on our front step. 

I normally go with my MIL, but I went alone this time. And was utterly confused within seconds. Look at all of that!!! Can you blame me?!?!?! I have a severe case of brown thumb, and my brain lacks that bit that remembers anything about flora. 

Thankfully, I found someone who worked there, described to her the amount of sunlight the front of the house got, and told her to point out ONE option for the window boxes. She said a lot of things, I said whoa easy there, just point please, she pointed at something, I said good, thanks, and put 12 pots of them in my cart.

I'm always so excited at the prospect of brightly-coloured flowers around our house... until I realise I have to plant them. Eww. I put on my new gardening gloves (the old ones were just too dirty so they were binned) to go plant them, and a stupid chipmunk scared the shit out of me. So of course I screamed like it was trying to murder me. And then I spotted the world's ugliest frog two feet from me, and I screamed again. I can't even look at the bloody things, they're so foul. I kept hopping around till it decided to go into hiding. I also spotted a worm, but I'll spare you the details.

Anywaaaaay, I believe the ones in the window boxes are called Superbells. That's what I see on the tab I stuck in the soil. I'm not about to touch it with my bare hands to check, so Superbells they shall be.

(My house is not tilty. I live on a hill and everything around us slopes downward. The upside is that it's highly unlikely we'll ever get flooded.)

And beautiful geraniums in the little planter on the front step. I'd put geraniums in the window boxes but having to crawl halfway out my windows to deadhead them several times a week isn't my idea of fun.

The double pink happened subconsciously. It just seemed like the best colour to go with a light grey house with blue shutters.

So today we have learned that I... 1. am truly not a gardener, 2. scream at wild life, and 3. apparently like hot pink quite a lot.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

I also planted grape tomatoes! I do need to get some stakes to tie them to, because before I know it, they'll be out of control. This is how I know! And I think I'm going to have to get two more planters so each tomato plant is all by itself. I just did a little research and there needs to be a lot more space between each plant than five inches! Told you I sucked at this...

I'm not worried though... there's a little gnome to watch over the tomatoes :) My little sister Aurelia loves gnomes, so I thought it'd be cute to have him there. I might have to move him once the plant grows and overtakes the planter though.


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Looks like you did rather well. My husband forced us all to go w/ him to pick up tomato plants Saturday night despite storm warnings and we ended up coming home in a hail storm!

CitricSugar said...

Man, you take some cool shots! I love the one with the short depth of focus in the greenhouse second from the top.... Love it.

I can't garden to save my life. Good luck with the tomatoes. Tomatoes are the number one reason I'm sad I can't garden to save my life.

Unknown said...

Soooo preeeeety!

Gnomy gnome looks happy :o)

Shannon said...

Hey, that's how I garden too! Lucy ate part of my glove though - I was forced to wear it for my one day of weeding this year and I almost lost my shit when nature started touching my was ugly. I question your assessment of the frog though...I think it was probably cute and hoppy.

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning. :) I am just beginning to enjoy gardening. Don't know why. Usually my plants turn black. Yes, black. I kid you not. lol


James said...

Ahh such lovely images! And that tiny gnome is adorable. You're inspiring me to get back to my garden, now the weather's heated up here in the UK :)

mascanlon said...

Not a bad start and you'll be so happy to walk into a cheerful front entry! And who can say no to a fresh homegrown tomato....not me!

Cindy said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like you planted some pretty ones- I'm sure they'll do great! I just got my garden in last week and if I could only plant one thing- it would be tomatos- can't beat a home grown tomato!!:)

Barb Mowery said...

You did a nice job with your flowers! But about the tomatoes--while the pots are really cute, they are going to be too small by mid-summer.


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