August 28, 2009

Scenes From The Backyard

I'm not a fan of the outdoors, but I kind of like the stillness after a rain. Plus it's actually much cooler now (please let this mean Autumn's upon us!) so walking around outside isn't so horrid.

The tomato plants have gone berserk. Those three pictures are of different parts of one plant, no repeats. That's a lot of tomatoes for smallish plants! My mum-in-law told me a lot of tomato plants failed to produce fruit this year because of blight brought on by the abundance of rain. So now I'm quite thankful I decided to plant mine in pots.

I get between four and seven cherry ripe tomatoes daily, and all the ones I picked today went into my niece's lunch (I cooked some ditalini, put some butter and threw in chopped cherry tomatoes). She was very excited to see them go straight from the plant into her bowl (I washed them, of course).


Anonymous said...

that tomato plant has really exploded, and nice to see those weird plants have finally bloomed and look like actual flowers!! =)



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