March 5, 2012

Life According To Instagram

I realised I haven't been posting pictures I'd taken on Instagram so here's a few of my faves...
Quilty things... Basting the churn dash quilt; arranging blocks for a custom baby quilt; playing with the Moda Bella Solids card; and figuring out a layout for the Pickle Dish mini quilt I started.

Cooked, baked & eaten... Quesadillas; German pancakes; Italian wedding soup; and a mini white chocolate cheesecake.

And of course, there's the cats :) The cats have adopted a box and I don't have the heart to get rid of it even though the sight of it irritates me. Also, they're fluff monsters and there's always enough fluff on the carpet to make a small cat.


Sarah said...

AHHH I am going to steal all your quilts and eat all your food and nomnomnom your kitties. I mean, no, I won't, because that would be weird and blog stalker. But I want to.


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