February 27, 2012

The Weekend In Pictures

How was everyone's weekend? We went to Northampton again. We're boring and we like it. 

On the way to Northampton, we dropped by the library to pick up a book the hubs had on hold, and I stayed outside to enjoy the insane wind and take some pictures.

Northampton on Saturday was interesting. It started with insane wind... which is really not good for one's hair (although, admittedly, venturing outside during a wind advisory was not clever on our part). Then there was snow at 43F (6C). And then back to lots of gusty, gusty wind. I had to run after a shopping trolley at the supermarket to keep it from smashing into our car. Glamourous.


mascanlon said...

Love the design of the fence and something so poignant about the Christmas wreath hanging there. I love the routine of familiar places especially when you are with someone you love! Have a great week Audrie


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