January 1, 2012

Through The Fog

Happy New Year! Did everyone party like it was 1999? We went to a party and left early so we could come home, get in our jammies and lay on the couch. I had to wake the hubs up at midnight to demand my New Year's kiss... and then he promptly went right back to sleep. Fun times.

Yesterday was super foggy and grey (driving home in the dark and fog was sooooo much fun...ahem) but I found lovely pops of colour in the yard. One day I'm going to make myself a little terrarium with some of that moss. Maybe. Meh, probably not. 


Debbie said...

Cute post. Happy New Year! ;-)

CitricSugar said...

Great shots!

I partied like *I* was 99. Does that count? ;-)

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Love your NYE celebration. This sounds like me and my hubby exactly. Except, due to his raging tonsillitis, I didn't want the kiss!

S x

Averil said...

Awesome photos, wish i was there now... *hugs*

Happy New Year!!!


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