December 31, 2011

One More For The Road

Remember the tangerine and pink quilt I made for baby Olivia? Well, she now has a bumper to match!

Her momma gave me a huge pile of fabric and asked me to make a sleeve for an existing green bumper that was used in her big sister Ava's crib.

I saw that minky and cringed. I don't know about you, but I loathe minky. Now more than ever. It's soft and cuddly and all that wonderful crap, but working with it sends me into a rage. Set things on fire kind of rage. Halfway through, I flirted with the idea of taking up drinking. True story.

But it turned out pretty well. I put ribbon ties on it, and the spool I'd gotten indicated I'd have enough for the top and bottom ties. Lies, all lies. So the bottom has a skinnier ribbon that I thankfully had on my shelf. Yup, this is a classy operation I run here. Let's hope Olivia and her momma don't mind!


mascanlon said...

Its looks perfect Audrie but since I'm in the midst of taking a break while ripping I sure know how you feel! hope the NY party is fun!

Shannon said...

I loved the pink and orange quilt and I love the bumpers! But you just confirmed all of my suspicions about minky! If you did not actually burn anything down, you're a stronger person than I am!!

MariQuilts said...

I agree the Minky stuff is a a matter of fact I find making bumper pads a pain.

Yours look adorable.

Best to you in 2012

sue said...

Don't get me started on minkey. I despise it and so many grandma's are infatuated with it. Minkey top and bottom with batting in between. Way too heavy! It makes me want to scream.
(Ok, my rant is done.)


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