December 27, 2011

I Heart Ikea

Yesterday, the hubs and I took a little trip down to Ikea since I got an Ikea gift card from my MIL for Christmas. How awesome is that! I needed a desk for my computer and I have the patience of a gnat (are gnats impatient?), so I was willing to subject us to possible post-Christmas crowds. 

I can just feel my mother cringing at the thought of this. 

Meatbaaaaaaalls :) A trip to Ikea is never quite right without a plate of meatballs.

The hubs has decided he loves this new-ish overpass because it's all clean and painted red. He's an odd duckie.

There weren't too many people at Ikea so it was fairly painless. Driving home was a bit of a bitch though. Well, at least there's the pretty sky to look at instead of the bumper of the car in front of you.

Tada! My new desk :) There'll be pictures going on the wall above so it won't be a snoozefest for long. I say this because I know my sister Averil will ask why it's so blah. Because Averil recently took it upon herself to become Martha Stewart 2.0. True story.

I love putting Ikea things together. The hubs insists I'm crazy because he gets so irritated with all the little bits, but to me it's totally fun.

And of course, the cats love the box. They've been diving into it, and laying on it, beside it, under it. Right now they're kind of stalking each other around it. The stupid thing's going in the recycle bin shortly... there's only so much hissing I can handle.


twelfthzodiac said...

I love putting Ikea stuff together too! Never tried their meatballs though... hmm. May have to next time I'm there.
Cats & their boxes. I love explaining that there is an empty box on the kitchen floor because "the cats love to sit in it". It somehow doesn't always sound like a full explaination, as I still get puzzled looks!

Unknown said...

Love IKEA meatballs...and the pretzels!

Chinwei said...

omg THAT'S what my xmas is missing...ikea meatballz!

mascanlon said...

Ok so I am getting ready to reorganize some of my fabric storage in the guest closet, I was thinking Lowe's but those meatballs...hmmm.

CitricSugar said...

I love IKEA. It's one of the things I miss about living in Edmonton. It used to be half an hour away and usually cost me a paycheque. :-)

Cute desk.


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