December 30, 2011


Before I did any quilting or knitting, I was cross-stitching. My Mum got me started when I was a kid, and I remember she did these fairly large cross-stitch pieces to frame and hang around the house. Now that I think about it, where'd they all go, Mum?! 

I've done countless pieces, most of them quite large and intricate, and my favourite ones to do are the fairies by Mirabilia. And all through the years, I've only kept two. They both hang in my living room... one's a replica of American Gothic, and the other's a replica of The Starry Night

Over the last few weeks, I decided that after I was done with my Christmas orders, I was going to take a couple of weeks off from quilting, and do a few small cross-stitch pieces to unwind. I've made these two little ones many times over, but they all live with friends. 

Aren't they just the cutest???

I did also made a gnome cross-stitch for my sister but I'll wait for her to receive it to post pictures :)

I leave you with pictures from my front yard :)


Cindy said...

How cute- looks like you're good at cross stitching too!!:) Love all the pics, thanks for sharing! Wishing you and your hubs a Happy New Year!!

mascanlon said...

Very cute...I never did get the cross stitching bug but now and again the needlepoint bug bites!

Shannon said...

I may have already told you this (or I might have just been marveling to Chris), but the first time I came to your house, I thought those cross-stitches were prints...and then I got really close to them and almost peed my pants when I saw all those little Xs! I wish I had the patience for that!!!

Lara said...

Ooh I love that Starry Night pattern! Might just have to order it myself!! Love your little bears :)

Jenny H said...

Ooohhh, Starry Night, what a great idea. How long did it take to finish?


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