October 9, 2011

Wedding Bells

We attended the hub's cousin's wedding yesterday. It was my first time at a Catholic ceremony and it was just beautiful.

(And no, Mum, I did not burst into flames when I entered the church.)

The reception was held at a club / bar that was transformed into a beautiful reception hall, full of twinkle lights (I love me some twinkle lights!!!) and candelabras. They had a really amazing cover band play, and they got everyone partying the night away. I had lots of fun, with very hurty feet to prove it!

Best wishes to the newlyweds Mike and Olivia... wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness and love :)


CitricSugar said...

As long as you didn't touch the holy water from the font, you'll be safe flame-wise. :-)

I've been to a number of Catholic weddings (my mum's side) and some are very beautiful. It can be tricky to follow if it's a full mass and you've never seen one before - we Catholics have so many things to do during a mass! Stand, amen, cross, kneel, sing, and also with you, etc, etc...

Congrats to the couple, and happy belated b-day to Big Steve!

theappletea said...

WOW! I love the scene!


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