October 7, 2011

Birthday Celebration

My father-in-law had a birthday yesterday :) Big Steve (my husband's a Steve Jr so I've always called my FIL Big Steve because it's too confusing otherwise!) wouldn't stop pulling faces, so this is the best picture I could get. You can see where my husband gets his silliness.

He wanted to keep his birthday celebration simple so the hubs picked up delicious grinders (subs) from Franklin Giant Grinders for dinner, and I got a yummy ice cream cake (a smores one!) for dessert. We don't get to sit down for dinner with them too often these days because they're so busy running their creamery from the start of spring to the end of autumn, so it was really nice :)

And then some of my husband's aunts, uncles and cousins filed into the house with birthday wishes, balloons and pressies. This is my mother-in-law attempting to work the camera on her phone. I can't tell you how long everyone had to stay put and smile. Well, I could, but you wouldn't believe me heehee!



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