October 19, 2011

Middle Of The Hill

I used to listen Middle of the Hill by Josh Pyke on repeat when it was first released because I think it's such a darling song. Last night I decided to put the last bit of the song in cross-stitch.

Always a good message to keep in mind :)

Enjoy :)

Btw when I went to get floss for the little project, I realised I have way too many floss colours (they're in the hundreds!) to not do anything with them. I think I need to return to cross-stitching after the craziness of Christmas is over!


Averil said...

Nice! I think it needs a little pic added, like a heart, or a leaf, or even a little moustache?

When you said Josh Pyke song, I though the lyric would be "I'll just hold you tight and we'll not let those fuckers in" from his Lighthouse song =)

Laura said...

It's so hard to do both ... quilting and cross-stitch. Maybe when I retire.

Laura said...

Meanwhile, the cross-stitch stash just sits there, all lonely. ;-)


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