October 2, 2011


Instagram decided to piss off most users and did an update that changed it, and not necessarily for the better. But unlike Facebook, it's not too terrible, and doesn't take much getting used to, so I'm still loving it :)

Here's a few more Instagram snaps I've taken in the last week or two.

Out and about... Clockwise: At Raven Used Bookstore in Northampton; nuts at Trader Joe's; getting coffee at It's A Grind and surrounded by armchairs; and a typewriter at Anthropologie that makes me want to use typewriters again.


Eating at home... Clockwise: Chicken, andouille and shrimp stew; apple cake; a handful of pistachios; and chicken meatballs with gravy and pasta.

Autumn's here! Clockwise: Beautiful blooming mums at the Johnny Appleseed farm stand; diseased-looking pumpkins at Trader Joe's; a cute little kitty at the local Agway; and I'm so excited that it's boot weather again :)


Crafty like a fox. Clockwise: A pile of squares I cut out a few days ago; trying to decide if a kaleidoscope pillow would be pretty; a flower a co-worker made; and a large kaleidoscope pillow I've finished.



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