October 18, 2011

Instagram: The Obsession Continues

Over the weekend...
Great parcel day on Saturday :) I received my camera strap from Photojojo and it came with a tiny Stow-away-asaurus heehee! He sits atop my sewing machine now because he's a cutie. Ooh and my copy of Sarah Fielke's Quilting: From Little Things came too! And it's amazeballs.

(P/S: Someone needs to fix her name on there. While they're at it, can they fix the hub's name too please? Thanks.)

We went to Northampton on Sunday. Listened to our favourite compilation CD, 20 Years of Rage. I spent every waking hour listening to Triple J when I lived in Australia and looked forward to Rage every Friday night :) I still listen to Triple J on my iPhone every now and again, and it's always awesome. Good grief I miss Oz.

We ate pizza slices that were bigger than our heads combined. The hubs reached for his slice, paused and said, "I don't dare to eat before you take a picture. Are you taking a picture? Hurry up and take a picture. I'm hungry." What a sweetheart.

Every time I see Tin Tin comics, I'm reminded that my mother threw out all of mine. They're probably floating around out there with my Strawberry Shortcake dollies. Yes, I'm 34 and still griping about this crap. Oh the fury. (I'm only kidding, Mum. Well, mostly. Hee.)

And the other randomness... Our cats being silly. Izzy staring Matilda down because she saw fit to snuggle with me... and her draping herself over the back of the couch looking very uncomfortable. And I'm working on new pillows for our living room because the ones we have are shamefully shabby.

Oh, and I witnessed a very unfortunate placement of quilt magazines at the supermarket. Veeeeery unfortunate. I was by myself, laughing in the aisle. I go there all the time so they're used to me by now.


Jules said...

ahh i miss oz too lady!, i also listen to JJJ when i need too. ain't nothing like it here.

Chinwei said...

I have that camera strap in gold, love it to bits!

Amy in VA said...

'Crap Quilts'. Snort. Made me spill my coffee. Thanks for the smirk.


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