July 31, 2011

Weekend In Pictures

We took some baked ziti and a pie over to the hub's cousin's to celebrate a belated birthday, and spent some time with the nieces :)

As soon as dinner was eaten, this little cutie asked her daddy if she could put her rainboots on so she could play on the swings with me. Who could say no to that face? :)

She turns 4 next week and I can't believe how grown up she's become!

Pretty dahlias growing in the garden.

The hubs playing football and pretending he wouldn't rather be reading a book hehe

Olivia, now a month old :)

Once a year I make a chocolate peanut butter pie for their dad's birthday because it's his favourite pie.

His sister brought an Oreo ice cream cake that was so flipping good.


tarabu said...

All I ever ask for, for my birthday, is an ice cream cake; and no one believes that is actually what I want. I LOVE ice cream cake (your peanut butter cake looks pretty hot, too!)


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