July 31, 2011

The Hubs Needs A Filter

The hubs has this ridiculous wish that my eyesight fails one fine day, so that I have to wear black-rimmed glasses. So we're watching TV and this Asian chick is wearing black-rimmed glasses...

Hubs: "You need to wear glasses like that. Just bigger."
Me: "Bigger?"
Hubs: "Yeah you need those glasses but bigger."
Me: "Are you saying I have a big face?!?!"
Hubs: "Bigger glasses... To break up all that skin."

Then I flung myself on the floor and flailed around a bit. He joined me on the floor, laughing, thinking he's reaaaaally funny. Ass.


Sandra said...

hey,you know who needs the great big glasses? The woman who ran into your car.
Tell hubs that if he wants to buy you big glasses; make sure they're full of beer (or whatever your fave drink is!!)

CaryManda said...

Ass. Hat.


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