April 6, 2011

Random Pictures

Some pictures from the past week...

It snowed April 1st. Mother Nature's April Fool's joke. Laughing on the inside...

The hubs playing cat origami with Matilda. Can you see the confusion in her little face?

My friends and I are thoroughly obsessed with Words with Friends. Six dorks with six iPhones... Such a social bunch.

I brought a bunch of quilting books to a friend's place so she could figure out what she'd like for a baby quilt for her little bundle arriving in the summer. She pulled out a little art piece she'd woven in art school and now I want to make a quilt like that!

I found a recipe for Aussie-style scones. Nice, big, fluffy scones served with jam and cream. For some reason, scones always make me think of my Mum and sisters. Maybe this weekend :)


Sandra said...

mmm, scones. With cream and jam. Takes me back to my years in the UK. Can you share the recipe please?

Q said...

don't you US inhabitants say biscuits for scones? I grew up in Sth Africa and am now in Aus. I have a fail safe idiot proof 3 ingredient recipe that I make all the time - no matter what I do it is always awesome and I can not bake to save my life!

2 Cups SR Flour
1 Cup Lemonade
1 Cup Cream
220 for around 10 to 12 minutes

It was from one of those cheap food magazines that you get at Coles or Woolies :)

mascanlon said...

We're doing a tea on Saturday for my daughter's baby shower...piles of scones underway!


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