March 18, 2011

Blast From My Past

Okay, so we all know little things amuse me because I'm a dork disguised as an adult.

The other day I spotted somewhere (I forget now) a pencil sharpener that I used to have as a child. I don't know what happened to it but it was the best pencil sharpener ever. I poked around online and found one! Yay!

I don't fancy little handheld ones, or electric sharpeners. I like these ones with the rabbit ear prongs and a handle you turn to sharpen your pencil. Oh, and a little drawer to catch the tiniest, curliest pencil shavings.

It's stupid that I love a sharpener so much but I dooooo.

Love :)


Aurelia said...

hehehe, I remember that mine was blue.....=)

CaryManda said...

Seriously, there is nothing better than an uber sharp pencil.

Carolyn said...

Now you need to get one of the ones they always have in the classrooms that screw onto the walls :)

Unknown said...

oh yes, oh yes, oh yes ... not only does nothing beat an uber sharp pencil, but for me ... the smell of pencil sharpenings? bliss!

thank you for that little bit of virtual bliss :)

Karen said...

We used to have one at work. Man you could make a weapon with that thing.


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