February 16, 2011

How To Survive A Blackout

We had a power outage today. Again. It's beyond shitty when this happens because I can't work, I can't iron / vacuum / start the washer, or leave the house (electric garage doors can be a pain in the ass). So after calling the electric company to see what I could see, I resigned myself to my lo-fi fate and made myself a sandwich.

And I needed something to do during the blackout, so I photographed the process. It's extremely enlightening stuff, so here we go... How To Survive A Blackout.

1. Peel the eggs. There's always one that comes out wonky. Give that one more hell than the others.
(I'm so glad I had eight eggs already hardboiled... don't know why I did it but not going to question my foresight.)

2. Mash the eggs... I use a dough blender because using a fork drives me insane. Egg EVERYWHERE.
(You can't tell, but that wonky one's REALLY smushed.)

3. Copious amounts of butter, mayo and pepper. A little salt because I hate salt.

4. Mix it all up, and grab some bread.

And there you have an egg salad sandwich to forget about that wretched blackout. Because I'm a lady, I cut my sandwich in dainty halves before stuffing my face :)

In the name of full disclosure, the power came back on before the sandwich even met my lips. Thank goodness.


F said...

Yum. Egg salad sandwiches always remind me of eating lunch at school in the sun.


Mary said...

I feel your pain...we have power outages all the time...and it is always soooo cold. But the egg salad looks yummy...one of my favorites...my friend puts green olives in hers. Sounds good too...eh?

Pepe said...

Wow! Here in Italy, NE, they cook somthing similar and put it near to asparagus. Why don't you try?

by Daisy said...

besides not being able to get any work done, one can't even shower during a blackout, so it's definetely very frustrating ...
that sandwich looks yummy!


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