September 14, 2010

Vampire Weekend Awesomeness

Last week I thought to myself that I'd like to watch one of my favourite bands, Vampire Weekend, at least once in my life. They always seem to do gigs too far away, or they'd be sold out.

This past Saturday, I suggested to the hubs that we go to Northampton for lunch and a walkabout, and after lunch, he spotted an ad for an upcoming Vampire Weekend gig! And just in time, because the gig was tonight lol

They're amazing live and did almost every song from both albums (they didn't play The Kids Don't Stand A Chance unfortunately) so it was very satisfying indeed :)

I had so much fun, although I'm reminded by each gig I attend that I'm no longer cut out for standing / dancing for four hours straight... *sigh*

The supporting acts were really good too... The Dum Dum Girls kicked off the evening (I took a picture but it's a terribly blurry one) and Beach House, pictured above. I swear I've always thought it was a guy singing, but my husband informed me after the set that it was a chick. Oops.


erin lebeau said...

oo you lucky ducks! i bet that was the funnest show ever!!

Lara said...

So so so jealous right now!

Averil said...

ARGH i'm dying to catch them live!!!

Sandra said...

Hi Audrie! I was just reading your post ( 4th September) about Roger Federer and the Lindt you find those Lindtballs where you live??? Because otherways I`ll have to make an urgent delivery from Switzerland to you...;)) I`m addicted to them!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow you got to see Vampire weekend! So jealous!!!!!! Guess I'll just have to listen to my cd to get my fix... sigh :(


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