March 1, 2010

Almost Back To 100%

Doesn't it feel like it'll be near impossible to ever feel well again when you're sick? Last Wednesday I went to bed feeling gross. I woke up Friday afternoon. Hah! My husband had to check to make sure I was still breathing... which wasn't hard to do because I'm sure you could've heard me from half a mile away. Hells of gate opening, that's what my husband said. Not. Nice.

But I'm happy to report I'm feeling sooooooo much better. Not ready to run a marathon yet (when am I ever?!) but I don't feel like keeling over anymore :) Tis a good feeling, people.

What makes me super happy is that I was able to get back to hand quilting over the weekend. And I finished quilting this quilt. Yay!!!

The client who ordered this for her daughter invited us over for tea yesterday, and I brought it along so she could have a look. I've never shown a client a quilt before it was finished so it felt weird. But she loves it and I'm super relieved!

All's left is the binding, and then I can move on to the second quilt she ordered! Yes, more hand quilting hehe

And just because they're being all cute and were happy to pose for mummy, here are my two furry babies. Matilda in the kitchen.

Isobel in her new favourite spot on the couch.

Extreeeeeeeme close up of Isobel. If only you could see just how cross-eyed this cat really is hehe


erica said...

I love this quilt! I want to make a similar one(on a much smaller scale) Great job on the hand quilting, that takes a lot of patience!

CitricSugar said...

Your babies look snuggable!

Love how those purples turned out.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

yay for being on the up & up!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, glad you're feeling better babe. *hugs*

And i looooove the pics of the babies. I miss your cats sooo much!! Little fluff monsters.


Rebekah said...

glad to hear that you're feeling better! This quilt is so that purple polka dot fabric.

And your kitties are adorable!

Katie :o) said...

Hello! I'm new to blogworld and just joined "Quilting Bloggers"... looked up some other newbies and found you! Love your pretty kitties! And your funny, happy posts! I'll keep following :o)



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