January 1, 2010

First Quilts Of 2010!

I finished a couple of baby quilts last night, after the stroke of midnight (yeah, NYE in this house is off the hook), so I present you with my first quilts of 2010 :)

I decided to make a couple more stripey quilts since I really liked how the one I did for my friend turned out. This first one features a Heidi Grace fabric I absolutely adore and have been loathe to use till now. Red and aqua go so well together, so I used a red pindot fabric, and a white solid to make the fabrics pop.

I set the first strip farther from the top but on hindsight I wish I'd set it a little farther down.

Isn't that the cutest fabric? I don't want to admit it to myself but I'm pretty sure I'm hoarding it for my future children's quilts lol

The back of the quilt's got the same red, aqua and white, but I put a little square of aqua check fabric I had leftover from a previous project.

I love that little square.

It ended up measuring 40" by 49".

The second quilt's made from Jay McCarroll's Garden Friends line in the mint colourway. I've been working on a Garden Friends quilt for our bed, and I thought I'd like to make a baby quilt version too.

I initially didn't want to use the dark grey (Kona Coal, me thinks) because I thought it might make it look too dark and boring. But I quite like the combination, especially with the white solids between the strips.

My husband declared this to be his favourite quilt back I've done. I quite like it myself.

I think the strawberries are my favourite print from the Garden Friends line. The tomatoes come a close second.

The quilt ended up measuring 41" by 50" and both quilts are now listed in the store :)

*Edit* The Garden Friends quilt is now SOLD.


Stephanie said...

It's so fun to see the little birdy fabric and the strawberries and tomatoes used in quilts. I have sewn with all of these fabrics to make random things for my home or my son, but never used them in a quilt. They really look great! I love the coal Kona cotton in the second quilt, it really compliments nicely!

Vicki said...

the quilt back for your top quilt is so cool! I love that little square.

CitricSugar said...

Yes, the cutest fabric fo' sho! I plan on hoarding some for future kids/neicews. :-)

abigail said...


by Daisy said...

wow i love them! how come they year has barely started and you're already working so much? i wish i was like that, i've been so busy eating eheheh

amy smart said...

These quilts are awesome. You've inspired me to make a few baby quilts like this. And the backs are perfect on both. I love that little aqua square too!

jaybird said...

i thought i had a lot of energy. until i met you!! 2 quilts done already... stop making us all look so bad! ;-)

angela said...

I love that dark grey! Those stripes look very sophisticated in the green abd grey, and cool back!

jacquie said...

yikes, you're quick! i love the backs of these too!

Rebekah said...

pretty quilts! Love the dark grey of the Jay McCarroll quilt and that little blue block in the second quilt. Great work!

Michelle said...

Good lord, stunning! You are so talented.

esquiltingpassion said...

My name is Elaine and I am new to blogging but I certainly am having a good visiting the different sites and all the creativity out there. I can't believe you already finished 2 quilts. You certainly are an inspriation for people like me who have a lot of UFOs. My goal is to finish some and show them off.


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