November 26, 2009

I'm Done Eating For The Foreseeable Future

The eleventeen pounds of leftover turkey in my fridge signals to me that Thanksgiving is over. That explains the gut I'm hefting around.

I did exercise some self-restraint at dinner so I don't feel so disgusted with myself. Although I did go back for a tiny little itty bit more pie later in the evening... oh regrets.

I blame my wall hanging?

After dinner we took a ride to my in-law's newly built creamery and outdoor grill to make sure the timers worked on the Christmas lights. It's opening in March and I'll be in that kitchen a lot. Here's the hubs pretending he's on The Price Is Right. So pretty.

I'm pretty much a chocolate ice-cream only kind of girl, but during our taste test (it was so awful... we were made to eat all this free ice-cream...), I totally fell in love with grapenut ice-cream. Yeah, grapenut. It's so good that it doesn't bother me that there's no chocolate whatsoever.

And the rest of the evening was spent watching TV and dressing the Christmas tree. We arrived for dinner and the tree was all set up and lit... but naked. My MIL announced at dinner she was waiting for me to decorate it. At my old job it used to be my duty to decorate the office tree. I'm not sure how this happens but it seems to become my duty hehe I don't mind though, it's fun, and makes up for my lack of Christmas trees during most of my childhood.

(By the way looking at that picture now, I want to drive back to my in-laws' and fix the damn ribbon. It's so crooked. Ugh.)


Greg said...

Pie? did you say Pie? UGH!! I ate 1/2 of a 12 inch pie after dinner.. I shouldn't have but I did and now I hurt!! Nice tree even if the ribbon is a wee bit wonky.. Don't worry about it. Its a nice tree.Love the creamery shot of the hubs.. He should make the cover of GQ with that pose!!

angela said...

I could hardly make breakfast for the house guests - I'm still stuffed. I went back for some more stuffing as well as pie - woe is me! A creamery and outdoor grill - sounds like a fun summer ahead!

CaryManda said...

it's byootiful babes!
Steve should so try out to be a bob barker girl.
Do they still have those? Is it Drew Carey now? Younger! Woot! :)

Dee said...

Fun to have someone force you to eat! What a horrible holiday you had! LOL The "Eat More Pie" is incredibly to the fridge!

Jackie said...

Where will is the creamery located? I would love to stop by in the spring when it opens. I am always up for an ice cream road trip! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Yes, definitely eat more pie, we just finished the last of the pumpkin pie.

Maggie May said...

I love the lights! White lights on a tree are my favorite. And my Thanksgiving reserve was totally ruined today in leftover pigout.

Rebekah said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

How cool that your in-laws are opening a creamery. That grapenut ice cream sounds it made from grapenut cereal?

Love the tree you decorated too!


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