October 9, 2009

Three Quilts = Lots Of Pictures

I never thought I'd say this, but I've finished the three quilts headed to Canada! A lady that runs a baby store there contacted me to see if I'd like to stock my quilts at her store. Why, yes. Yes I would.

She picked quilts from my finished quilts list, two of which she wanted the same fabrics etc. I had to change a couple of fabrics here and there just because I'd run out and so had the store.

I apologise in advance for the horrible lighting in the pictures -- it's been raining so I couldn't take pictures outside, and it's so overcast that there's not much light coming in. I had to take pictures immediately because these need to be sent off ASAP.

The Ava Quilt (I named it Ava's Birthday Quilt because it was for my niece's 2nd birthday... and I'm keeping the name) had to be shortened because it was far too long for the dimensions the shop wanted. I think the stubbier blocks are kind of cute.

The back was almost the same but again, I had to change some of the fabrics.

The Wonky Zoo Pool Quilt remained very similar... I just added a couple more scraps to the sides, and changed the binding because I wasn't too keen on the initial binding.

I just love this Alexander Henry fabric. This quilt used up the last of it and I'm contemplating getting more.

And then there was the Stars Align Quilt. The lady asked for lime green and turquoise instead of the fabrics I'd originally used. Way out of my comfort zone. I was at the quilting fabric store for a long, long time and even had to enlist the owner's help. There were many bolts piled and many bolts removed. And I believe I asked every person in there "DOES THIS LOOK TURQUOISE TO YOU?". It's a wonder I'm not banned.

Well regardless of whether it's lime green and turquoise or not, it's done. And I went from absolutely hating it (because I seriously wasn't sure they'd like it) to actually liking it. I reckon the backing has a lot to do with it.
And after I'd finished quilting this, I was dreading having to look for a suitable binding. And then I remembered I had this stripey fabric by Amy Butler in my stash. Hurrah!

I washed them all today and before I did, I dashed out to get some Shout Color Catcher (Thanks Ellen!) lest we have a repeat of the pinwheel incident. I'm using this every time I wash a quilt from now on. I highly recommend it!


Greg said...

Wow! Very festive... The Ava Quilt is very cute. The Stars Align quilt looks really nice as well.

amylouwho said...

oh my goodness! they are all gorgeous! I'm glad you aren't asking us to pick a favorite. Although, I do love the symmetry and simplicity of the stars align...

great work!

Joanna Goddard said...

so gorgeous!!! good for you :)

Jessica said...

Wow...you have been a busy busy girl....all three are beautiful...i have a feeling you'll be making more very soon...i'm sure these beauties will sell quickly and she'll need you to restock!!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful quilts! I think you succeeded in picking out a lime green and turquoise :)

And, that's good to know about the color catcher. I'll have to get one of those.

amandajean said...

wow! such beauties! i bet they were hard to let go...


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