September 25, 2009

Stars Align

I've finished my wonky star block quilt :) I have to say I really do love these fabrics together. So glad I decided to use them!

Like I said before, the level of wonk on the wonky stars is very low. It's a little difficult for me to embrace whimsy and wonk wholeheartedly... I'm that weirdo that stores all her cans and bottles with the labels facing outward. True story.

Anyhow, the fabrics for the stars are from Heather Bailey's Freshcut, Amy Butler's Charm and Moda Collections For A Cause: Legacy.

For the back I used Tina Given's Treetop Fancy and Heather Bailey Freshcut fabrics. Initially I wanted to just use the latter, but I wasn't sure it if it'd be too much, especially it being a baby quilt and all.

I was going to quilt it in straight lines, then after I did one line, I took the seam ripper to it and stippled it instead. Sometimes the quilt tells you what it wants, you know?

The binding is from Heather Bailey's Bijoux line and I wish I bought more of it because I think it's pretty cute.

It measures 35" by 42" and is currently available at the store SOLD.

P/S: I re-listed a whole bunch of handknit items in the store too. Do go have a look-see :)


Quilts on Bastings said...

Well done - it is a beautiful quilt, even with the low level of wonkiness.. The quilting is fabulous.

Jessica said...


Unknown said...

I have seen your comments of on a few of the blogs that I frequent, so I decided to pop over. I was happy to discover you are from Ellington. Good to have another talented quilter in CT. Also, to know someone else on Etsy from CT. I love this quilt that you made. Just beautifully soft in color and design. I have now added you to my list of blogs to read and have become a follower. Come stop by and say hi!

Jodi Nelson said...

What a beautiful quilt! Happy to have found your blog too. ;o) ooxx`jodi

jacquie said...

it's pretty! i have trouble making these wonky too unless i do the extended the fabrics you chose!

Rebekah said...

This looks beautiful! I love the fabric that you used and I like the uniformity of the blocks. :) I'm not so good with the wonky myself.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

a little bit of whimsy is a good way to start!!


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