September 27, 2009

Waffles + Bananas = Yum

The other day the hubs decided that we should start making a special brekkie every weekend. Which meant I had to make the special brekkie. I decided waffles would be it - you make the batter, pour, remove, eat. Works for me.

So today began our Weekend Waffle Brekkie tradition. No better time than a dreary, rainy Sunday morning, I say.

We ran out of strawberries, so we sliced up some banana instead. I much prefer the tartness of the strawberries but this was good too. Would've been really good if we have chocolate syrup... but maple syrup was juuuuust fine.

I believe this is going to be one lovely tradition.


Averil said...

woo is it the waffle/pancake mix and syrup i got but never managed to use?! how is it?!

Jen said...

Oh so yum!

Haute Whimsy

issa said...

this looks delicious!!


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