September 11, 2009

Our Authentic Quilt Is Done!

My hands feel like little pincushions, but our Authentic quilt is done! I worked on the binding last night, and it's now in the washer. Don't you love that excitement of the promise of a new quilt on your bed?

The hand quilting kept it really soft and squishy -- plus I'm really glad I didn't stipple this because I'd have checked myself into an asylum within the first half hour I bet. 94" square... are you kidding me? My wee little Janome would've grown legs and walked out on me.

Umm, pay no attention to the drabness of our bedroom. Just cast your eyes on the gorgeousness that is Authentic.

The search for a suitable headboard continues. And I'm still in the process of talking myself into painting it before winter. Oy vey.

For the binding, I went with a simple black and white dot fabric. There was already so much solid sashing, I didn't want to do a solid binding too. I love the look of binding when the quilt's all folded and stacked up.

I can't wait to fall asleep under this tonight :)


Sandra said...

Wow, this one is great! I like the design and the doted binding ;)

CJ said...

Looks GREAT! Is this one layer cake and sashing or more than one layer cake?

Kristine said...

Hi! Do you know what that black and white polka dotted fabric that you used for the binding is called? I've been looking for a b/w polka dot just like that one! Your quilt is beautiful, by the way!

Blue Is Bleu said...

Thanks all :)

Kristine: It's just a Keepsake Calico fabric that I got at Jo-Ann.

jaybird said...

hand quilting?? you are a brave woman!!!

Rebekah said...

Excellent job! This is lovely and your hand stitching looks amazing :)

Averil said...

i really like the colours of the quilt!!

can't wait for your room to be "spruced" up, i'm sure it'll look great =)

amylouwho said...

Hey! I love this quilt! I thought I had already commented from last week.... sorry! I've been a little out of it.

thanks for sharing!


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