September 11, 2009


Just a heads up -- Amy Butler's got a new fabric line called Love coming out next month.

As usual, her colours and designs are magnificent. Why does she keep doing this to us? I still haven't recovered from finding out about her line of rugs.


Jessica said...

how amazing is this collection going to be??...*sigh*....I am excited about it coming out next month....but I'm afraid I'm going to need more room on my stash shelves...and more money in my fabric allowance for the month...and what will be the appropriate first project???? why does she do this to us?!?!?

Cristin Wilson said...

Wow thats a lot of flowers :-) Sometimes I hate not being a girly-girl. I ADORE her new rugs but would have to save up for 31 years to afford one!


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