September 3, 2009

New Studio - Part Two

A few more pictures of the new studio. The going's a bit slow because I'm a wee bit sick right now.

I made the curtains and it was a bit of a pain because they didn't have enough yardage of this at the store and being sick, I was kind of tired of looking for suitable fabric so I talked myself into just figuring out how to get three curtain panels out of it. I had to add solid white fabric up the top, and I'm pretending that I meant to do that.

I also put up a few pictures but I'm not sure about the placement of the clock and cupcake painting (3rd picture). I put them on existing hooks and they look a bit odd to me. But when one is sick, one doesn't care as much. It'll be remedied in due time I'm sure.

The light in the studio is like the first couple pictures, but when I try to take a wide shot, this happens:

The studio turns into a dungeon.

Oh and do you see the horrid chandelier? What this picture doesn't show is its speckled rusty maroon magnificence. Oh I hate it with a passion.


Rebekah said...

The curtains look so pretty! Is there any way that you can spray paint the chandelier?

Anonymous said...

i actually like the white curtain tops!!



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