August 28, 2009

Playdate With Ava

I'll be babysitting my niece Ava for most of the day today while her parents take care of moving to their new home. I just love this kid... she's hilariously funny and is insanely clever.

I've got her lunch and snacks covered, set a recording for Sesame Street so she can watch that, and I've prepared my cats for the chasing and "KIIIIIITTIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!" that will take place.

The picture is horrific, I know. It was taken last Saturday at a restaurant with orange walls. Yes, orange. Soooo not my colour. But she was wearing the dress I made her :) How much do you just want to squish her? I know I do.


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAARGH she's so cute!! it kills me how pretty and sweet she is, wish i could've taken her with me (along with izzy)!!


Anonymous said...

hehehe! she is so squishable!!! --Aure

Particulier said...

Oh mon dieu ! Elle est adorable !!


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