August 7, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow I've got a tonne of baking to do for my niece's birthday party. I can't believe she's turning two on Saturday. She's such a special little girl and I love that she loves me as much as I her. She's having an Elmo party so I'll be making red velvet cupcakes per her mummy's request since they're in my baking repertoire.

Anyway, I took it easy and did some quilting and made my niece and extra present. A little smocked sundress with Heather Ross' pattern, and I think it came out pretty nicely.

Excuse the photography... This is what happens when you're nocturnal and finish sewing past midnight. I had to use the flash because the colour was coming out completely inaccurate.

On my sister's advice, I put two vintage buttons where the little ties are in the front. I think it makes it super cute, plus you have a way of telling the front from the back. I hope it fits her, but I'd rather it be a little roomy than too small.

Oh, and I also picked three of my cherry tomatoes.

Can you tell which ones are from the thriving plant and which ones are from the ones I almost killed? It's a head-scratcher, I know.



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