July 20, 2009

We're Off To NYC

My sister and I are headed to the city for a few days so no posts till I return on Thursday. My sweetheart of a mother-in-law has offered to drive us to New Haven to catch the train so I wouldn't have to drive and park my car for three nights. I do believe won the Mother-In-Law Lottery, and I'm eternally grateful.

I've stocked the fridge with food so the hubs doesn't starve while I'm away. Lunch meats, cheese, yogurt, berries... and a gigantic meatloaf pre-sliced so he doesn't have to think too hard. I feel a little bad about leaving while he's so stressed out over his bar exam prep.

Although today when I burned my hand taking cookies out of the oven, he was more concerned that my oven mitt didn't damage the cookies. So we're even. Hmph.

Picture from The Daily Green.


Aurelia said...

Hahaha, when it comes to sweets, if it came between biscuits and your blackened body, i don't think you have to think hard to figure which Steve would pick. Hee!


haha...Funny! I'm pretty sure your hubs won't starve!! Have fabulous fun siters~


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