July 28, 2009

Surprise Kitchen Awesomeness

I love love love kitchen knick knacks, and I love having pops of colour all over my kitchen. So of course when I spied Jamie Oliver's upcoming kitchen collection, my heart skipped a beat. And I'm just surprised that the entire collection looks so clean and pretty.

It's released in the UK in September, and I don't know if it'll be available here in the States, but ogling these pretties is free. I love those tea towels and the storage jars are super cute. And these pictures make me wish (once again) that my kitchen was light and airy like that! One day, it shall be.

Pictures from Home Shopping Spy.


Laura said...

I love Jamie Oliver's design and packaging on his products! Love his new colorful line! Thanks for sharing.

Rebekah said...

eek! These kitchen things are so cute! I am a sucker for utensils, dishes and tools.


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